Brave Turtles

Our Company

Since 2015, we the brave turtles, have been working on projects big and small, and we are now ready to found our very own studio. Our goal is to connect people by building communities with our fun games that transcend geographic, linguistic, cultural and political borders. Join us!

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Our Vision

WE MAKE GOOD GAMES TOGETHER - Stylish, Unique, Friendly

Project: Z

We make ‘STYLISH’ games

While always pursuing high-end in visual, sound, and playing, we create stylish games suited for our fabulous players. It is indeed a masterpiece designed for YOU!

Project: S

We make ‘UNIQUE’ games

Our games' true fun is in the unique game mechanism. With a higher standard of excellence, we are seeking innovative and brilliant ways to play. Nothing afraid of any new trials for our TURTLES!

Friendly Game

We make ‘FRIENDLY’ games

Committed to developing fun and awesome games, we strive to connect people from all over the world by supporting diverse multiplayer modes. Do u wanna meet other turtles? Jump in NOW!

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Our Games

See Our Current Projects! Coming Beta soon!

Spell Friends

Bored with the same-old word games?

Welcome to SPELL FRIENDS, the next generation word game that challenges your wordly-wise brain with an ever-strategic mindset. SPELL FRIENDS is an industry-leading word game that allows dynamic real-time multi-play with up to 4 players simultaneously. Show off your vocabulary and game tactics right now! Your animal racers are waiting for you, so let’s Roll, Think and SPELL!

- Coming Soon -

Project Z

3D Fashion Battle Tournament

- Coming Soon -

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Our team

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Kevin Kim

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Henry Kwon

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Sam kim
Lead UX/UI

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Jake Ahn
Lead Designer

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Leo Lee
Lead Concept Artist

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Jason Kim
CG Supervisor

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[Interview] Startup story of CEO, Brave Turtles

We aim to create fun games by connecting, entertaining and engaging people. To make it, as itself our company name, we are doing it step by step steadily and bravely around the globe.



[Interview] Meet CEO at Brave Turtles

I wanted to create a work culture that encouraged dissent and discussion over hierarchy. We all had the same growth mindset as a team, a willingness and expectation to grow and learn.



[IR] Naver Z invests Brave Turtles to beef up Zepeto

Naver Z is the operator of Asia’s largest metaverse platform Zepeto. The Naver group subsidiary invested in metaverse-related startups, US-based mobile game developer Brave Turtles, Inc.


ZDNet Korea

[IR] Metaverse leading company(Naver Z) invests Brave Turtles

Zepeto has accumulated user numbers exceeding 300 million and has more than 20 million monthly active users. In order to secure competitive game content and technology, it is investing in promising startups, Brave Turtles.



[Interview] Startup Brave Turtles CEO, Kevin Kim

Our company goal is to be a unicorn game studio specializing in the metaverse. Brave Turtles own Project Z (working title), a game that will be released in the second half of the ZEPETO. The bridge round following closed pre-seed funding started now.

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